Ricardo Huisman

Ricardo Huisman aka DJ SENSESCAPE, 1960, is an Amsterdam based sound image artist, soundscape composer, producer of interactive tactile sonic sculpture installations. The “touch sound” produced by his “woollen sound objects” includes composed “sensescapes” that reveal multiple associative dimensions, bodily sensations that could give rise to new spaces for imagination and knowledge. Huisman invites people to interact within his community sound art projects, to become co-creators of their own “multi sensorial hearing perspective” (artistic research) as response-able and responsible joint owners of an inclusive sound habitat and sound ecology. Years ago, he started to produce tactile photo collages and “virtual textiles” like “virtual sarongs”, “virtual woollen blankets” (“woollen art-i-fact”) re-using all kinds of rest materials like woollen blanket material, cut out work of old art magazines, nature books from the 70th, speaker wires, etc. creating new meaningful digital collage works for print and projection (around 1,40 m high) including slow animations with and without soundscapes. Huisman is inspired by modern- and contemporary art, (electronic) music, specially by acoustic ecology, soundscapes, soundwalks and sonic heritage. As member of World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, World Listening Project, New Geneco: Dutch composers, Aural Diversity Network, Sensory Studies Network, Ambiance network he's active involved in sound- and sense studies. www.ricardohuisman.com