My name is Yvette Fu and I’m an international student from China. I’m currently a junior at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and I’ve been double majoring in Cinema Studies and Photography & Imaging. Tisch not only provides me with an engaging environment for creative activities, it also helps me connect with many great artist peers and professors. In particular, Professor Yunxue Fu has introduced me to the world of 3D imaging and I’ve gradually built up my very interest in this field of imaging making. 3D is relatively a new concept in art and I find it intriguing both theoretically and technically. For me personally, the tension between the rapidly advancing technologies today and our changing relationship to nature is always a worth discussing concept. And in my latest class with Professor Yunxue Fu, I had the opportunity to explore this topic in my project called Avatar. This project explores the borderline between reality and virtual reality. Particularly in such times when people are restricted in the internal space, our connection with the outside world is a hybrid product of physical and virtual reality. Hopefully you will enjoy watching it!