Betty Mü was born in Munich Germany. In 1995 she moved to NYC, where she worked as an art director and attended NYC University and the School of Visual Arts. At the same time she experimented with Super-8 cam and gained her first experiences with video art and live visuals. After 6 years she returned to Munich to expand her skills as a live visualist and designer. She advanced to one of the most famous VJs and worked in the hottest clubs, where she heated up the scene with her live videos and was soon ennobled as the “princess of flickering synergies“. Betty Mü has long been considered one of the most outstanding artists in the field of video art and live visualization and is now known far beyond the borders of Germany. As a former New York art director and sought-after club visualist, the label of female avant-garde and “ladypunk” was attached to her early on, which originally characterized her well. Like hardly anyone else in digital art, Betty Mü is a border crosser. Sometimes she enchants, sometimes she challenges, always she surprises. Her installations like to question the point of view, in terms of content as well as visual, and draw the viewer into a maelstrom of impressions and emotions. There is no way to escape the hypnotic effect of her installations. In her largest project, „The Kunstareal connects“, which performed in the winter of 2020/21 Betty Mü projected on the buildings at Kunstareal in Munich and set a sign for art in Corona times.