Clint M Crawford

Cocolalla, United States
I use photography as a means of self-expression. It’s my way of understanding the world by making it into my own reality. My Photography often brings to light a new perception and awareness of things that before captured in one of my images were all but invisible. Things that you might look at every day yet never take notice. I shoot because I enjoy it. It’s a release, a getaway from the everyday stresses of life. Due to an over active imagination my mind is constantly seeing images. I find myself composing them while driving,(the reason my girlfriend doesn't let me drive when we travel ;)..walking down a country road or through a busy town, I have developed a style that has been described as dark but pleasing to the eye. When I go out on a shoot I enter into a world of my own.A place where I have the power to bring forth a dark melancholy place of mystery and shadows or one of bright colors to invoke feelings of happiness. I use saturated colors in my photographs to create illusions and enhanced realities of life as I see it, working my images until they reflect the purest essence of what I actually saw at the moment of capture. I use scenery, sometimes abstract, sometimes evocative, as a way to epitomize my idea of an imagined space. It is often something I have seen in life or in my mind’s eye prior to the capture or something I find in the deep recesses of the image that, like a sculpture, I chip away in the editing room until the finished product emerges.