Daniel Pazdur /born 1978, studied history or art and aesthetics at Comenius University, Bratislava/ is an artist of Slovak origin currently based in Mauritius. Photography is his primary medium, while also occasionally creating short videos, assemblages of objects mostly borrowed from nature, designing light objects and installations. Questioning nature of reality in relation to perception and transcendence are the background on which his creative process is happening. Among different interests, he is obsessed with 2 recurrent motifs: Informed by surrealism, indigenous and primitive art, mythological thinking, and transpersonal psychology among others, he is staging symbolic images evoking archetypes, often featuring mysterious objects taking on life of their own. On the other hand, his ethereal, towards transcendence leaning landscapes as well as light work are in dialogue with abstract expressionism, color field painting, light art. He is drawing on his own experiences of sensory deprivation, ganzfeld effect, synaesthesia, darkness and silent meditation, and explorations of non dual teachings. Collective exhibitions: 2017 - 13, The Third Dot, Dock 13, Port Louis, Mauritius 2017 - Ambient Landscapes, Black Eye Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2016 - Metaform, The Third Dot, Rogers House, Port Louis, Mauritius https://www.danielpazdur.com/ +23057272020

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