Graphset (Mikkael Doczekalski) covers an extended range in graphic design and digital arts: printed objects, motion design, volume and stage design. His productions result from an atypical academic and professional background. Doczekalski at first trained in automation techniques and began his career in industrial robotics. During this time he developed a special graphical logic and method, which he later integrated into his art practice when entering the Arts School of Cergy in 2002.

Graphset created its first visual identity for the London-based festival Alpha-Ville in 2009. Doczekalski also started making experiences in motion design through vj-ing and his participation in various European festivals ( for example Nuits Sonores, France, and Mapping Festival, Switzerland) in the same year.

Doczekalski has worked collaboratively with the musician Pixel (Raster Noton), with whom he created a dedicated visual set in 2010, and in 2011, Doczekalski worked with DJ & producer Max Cooper on the latter's Echoes Reality music video. Graphset received a tender offered by the Art center of Enghien-les-bains in 2012 for his with Tomten video featuring music by Ben Frost, and in 2013 he began collaboration with the French band Tahiti 80 to create a new video.

Graphset does not work exclusively digitally and with sound and video but has a passion for print and scenography. He regularly collaborates with Impossible Project Paris and is currently preparing an exhibition mixing digital arts and Polaroid images.

Mikkael Doczekalski lives and works in Paris and founded Graphset in 2007.