H. Merve Güç (b. 1986, TR) is a new media artist and an educator. The problem basis of the artist is Deleuze's Bergsonism. She incarnates her ideas with new media art by getting support from the discipline of philosophy. She gives a digital surface to her philosophical problems, adds texture and sound, tries to capture pure time with motion. During her art education, she participated in many national and international mixed exhibitions and art festivals. She especially received international awards her poster designs, illustration works and video-art series. The artist's work is experimental, dynamic, diffuse and deliberate defective. She develops her works on 3D places, video-art, audio-visual video, experimental music and document art. Exaggerated impossible spaces, haptic images, parological illusions and articulating music are the media that she often prefer in her narrative language in digital media. She continue to research different media channels offered by the new media technology and to improve herself in this field.