Pierce Warnecke and onformative: Scopitone 2019

Pierce Warnecke and onformative: Scopitone 2019

In September 2019, Pierce Warnecke and Onformative are among artists performing at Scopitone, the annual festival in Nantes, France celebrating electronic culture and digital arts. The festival, which is organised by Association Songo and began in 2002, takes place at venues across the city until 22 September. 

On 20 September, as part of an evening programme at Stereolux also featuring Earsnail, Molecule, Umfang and Miley Serious, Warnecke presents Sédiments, an audiovisual performance developed with composer Clément Édouard of Coax collective. The work looks at the link between materiality and immateriality through the prism of rocks as a scenographic tool for the exploration of memories and senses. Rocks are fossilizations of time, history solidified into matter. Matter is a crystallisation of traces the ephemeral. Sédiments explores this connection between history and its traces, ephemerality and permanence.

The work was conceived and interpreted by Clément Edouard et Pierce Warnecke, with sound by Clément Edouard, visuals by Pierce Warnecke and artistic collaboration by Bastien Mignot. Sédiments was produced by Gaëlle Jeannard, MAGE, and Stéréolux / Festival Scopitone, Zinc - Cultures Numériques. The piece is is supported by grants from CNC/DICRéAM, by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/SCAN Region and DRAC. 

Sun Stones, an excerpt from Sédiments, is available as limited digital editions on Sedition from 18 September 2019.

Also showing work at Scopitone is onformative, who present their installation Meandering River which has previously been shown at Google I/O, Contemporary Istanbul, Funkhaus Berlin, National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, STATE Studio Berlin and the UN Art Center, Shanghai. Produced in collaboration with kling klang klong, the audiovisual installation explores the properties of rivers using Artificial Intelligence, satellite imaging and live performance. Meander I, a digital edition derived from Meandering River, is available on Sedition. Read more about the Meandering River project in an interview between onformative and Greg J Smith.


Pierce Warnecke and Clément Édouard present Sédiments at Ancien Min, 58 Boulevard Gustave Roch, Ile de Nantes, Nantes, France on 20 September from 8pm. 

Meandering River by onformative is presented at Ancien Min until 22 September.

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