Joe Kondrak

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Joe has enjoyed creating images for many years. He works in different styles using a variety of techniques. Digital technologies are usually, but not always, his primary tool. He's always had a passion to create. Now, especially with an outlet like Sedition, he's excited to share and promote his work, too. One of the barriers to working with digital files had been the question, "What is the original work?" Sedition provided a wonderful answer. He draws much of his inspiration from a personal interest in the Fantasy and Sci-fi genres, but also appreciates natural and man-made wonders. Though he's read and heard a thousand times that having a particular style helps a creator stand out, he resists that advice, and prefers instead to work in a variety of styles. Joe simply follows his creative urges. In addition to working on new projects from scratch, Joe enjoys combining his existing works in unique ways.