Luka Fisher

Los Angeles, United States
Luka Fisher is a Los Angeles based artist known for his frequent collaborations, use of mixed media and design work for bands. His work was recently featured in Feral Kizzy's music video "22 A Month" and has been published in Nat Brut and numerous other journals. His work is held in private collections across the United States and Russia. This summer one of his early paintings will hang in the Dream On exhibition at the I.D.E.A. museum in Mesa, Arizona. Luka began drawing and painting while studying Russian literature in St. Petersburg and Kazan and considers himself an American-Russian artist. At the heart of his work is the clash between intuition and process He has collaborated with a diverse group of fine artists, musicians film makers and photographers including--Dash Hobbeheydar, Iggy Vamp, Kizzy Kirk, Gianna Gianna, Tate Hemlock, Brian Pulido, Tommy Pietch, Andrew DisOrder, Laurie Spector and others. You can follow his exploits here---