She has always preferred images to words, for the immediacy of expression, for the possible variations of meaning color shape. However, the words accompany the creative process in building create identify meanings; for her in her work what matters most is the sense and the message, a vision of sensations that captures. She proceeded in her artistic training from visual art to theater to cinema. She worked on graphic design - Simplicity Design - , web content creation - Urbano troppo urbano UTU - , projects of artistic expression - Artelibera - , of reportage and intimist photography - Fotografia nuda - . Her art accompanies life in its changes, and in the tools that she knows and approaches. With digital art she manages to combine formal concepts, genres, styles, in order to bring out that common thread that is her urgency and temperance, because the form needs precision and dictates, selection and pauses to contemplate, making decisions, and technique. She is here to offer you the best that she may have grasped from her visual and soul perspective, in the reality that she lives, and sees beyond what happens, even far from herself. There are worries and anxieties, but also curiosity and openness for the new or different, and what may come: it will be civilization, because this is how man is self-built in the space between similar, in relation to things, contexts. In her little testifies a passage, do you want to continue with her? She has a story to tell you.