A self-taught abstract artist and illustrator from Nigeria. Voke was drawn to art at a young age and explored diverse artistic forms such as jewellery crafting, collaging as well as creative writing and poetry. However, Voke began interacting with the art community in 2019 and was inspired to create visual art. Thereafter, Voke developed a style with a focus on color, texture, and shape to create mesmerizing works that evoke emotions and inspire thought through years of practice and study. With a process that is largely spontaneous and intuitive, Voke capture feminine energy, strength, vulnerability, and aesthetics, a celebration of her life and experiences as well as the women around her. She states "I always hope that by sharing some of my expressions, I can elicit an intuitive response that is bold and intimate". Whether through portraits, abstract compositions, or figurative works, Voke often seeks to combine elements of pop art, afrocentricism and expressionism. I enjoy the challenge of exploring and incorporating new techniques and mediums to my art. Voke continues to push the boundaries of her artistic expression, honing her skills through practice , coining a personal artist statement "Creative Expressions Without Boundaries". Voke's work has been a part of various international exhibitions. The most recent being the NFT New York Exhibition on Times Square billboards. Others are