Vvzela Qu

Tempe, United States
Vvzela QU Born in Dalian in Mar.1990. Graduated from Open Media Lab, School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art. Now studying in Creative Media, Hong Kong City University. Audio&Visual artist, was invited to participate in Frischzelle Festival and Dusseldorf Festival in Sep.2012, Cologne and Dusseldorf, and “Revolution Per Minute: Sound Art China” in Mar.2013. NYC. Selected works are “Psycho: 6 Symptoms”, “Wave Form”, “Parallel”. In 2013, she was invited to take part in the “DLD Conference 89+ panel”( co-curated by Hans Ulrich Orbist and Simon Castets) as one of eight artist that born after 1989 in the world. Started media theater works in May.2011, and cofounded ASDICON with friends. ASDICON focuses on new media art and media planning. Their live performances try to not only combine software and hardware, but to build bodies into artworks as important media. Aim to integrate varied art expressions; their works are displayed as media theater via audio and video performance. Selected art works: ASDICON1.0 “Machinery Induction”, ASDICON2.0 “Happy Shall He Be”.

Recent Activity