Stavanger, Norway

i/o/lab is an artist-run organization that started in 2001 and since 2005 has been located at Tou Scene in Stavanger, Norway. i/o/lab Centre for Future Art is an active advocate for the arts and new technologies in the region. i/o/lab delivers professional artistic projects that have strengthened the center's institutional status, both nationally and internationally. The organization is affiliated with the national network - Production Network for Electronic Arts (PNEK) and has gradually built up a large international network within the field. i/o/lab is run as a nonprofit organization.

i/o/lab runs and curates Public Art Screens, a product that brings videoart to your audience through a unique communication concept. The Pilot Project Public Art Screens were launched in February 2010 - since the inception over 500 artists has been presented. Public Art Screens offers a permanent solution for displaying screen-based art in public and semi-public spaces.